The Eight-Dollar Blog

The world looks pretty cool from 30,000 feet. Even in coach seating.

Cool enough, at least, to spend eight dollars for an Internet connection so I can tell you about it.

My initial observation is – West Virginia looks bumpy. Aaannd snowy. Remind me not to move there.


I have realized I have been lying all these years. I’m not really from the mountains (plural) of North Alabama. I’m actually from the mountain (singular) of North Alabama. If, indeed, you consider 1500 feet a mountain. In West Virginia, that’s called a valley.

The cramped, yet comfy, seat on my cute blue, red and orange Southwest jet reminds me of when I once tried to sit in a first-grade desk when I was in high school. Jeeeest a touch on the tight side.

Phase two of the epic journey is going well, but my elbows are feeling the walls close in. In a little more than five hours, those elbows should flexing in the sunny confines of San Diego.

Eight dollars…. A shot bottle of Wild Turkey is only five, according to the menu.. I am not sure what to think of an airline that places more value on an Internet connection than on a shot of Kentucky spring water.

It’s the first of four flights in the next few days, two of which are scheduled to land on a ship at sea.

I’ll buy that for eight bucks… Anytime.


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