Thinker’s Block

It’s been a little while since I posted a new blog. Blame it on the Navy for the heavy workload while I have been producing this story or this website. Blame it on the college class I am taking. Blame it on me for trying to learn C++ by watching videos online.

I’ll blame it on “Thinker’s Block”. It can’t be writer’s block because I write all day every day. I write HTML, I write CSS, I write javaScript, I write feature stories, I even write silly notes to myself on small scraps of paper that I can’t find later when I need them. For my college course, I wrote instructions for polishing boots… Occasionally I even write people off, but I think that is a different type of writing. Either way, my writing certainly hasn’t been blocked.

But my thinking, well, it has been in the tank. Not the think tank, but the  old, rusted, busted tank you might find attached to a ’77 Ford Maverick in a junk yard. Does this happen to everyone, or just to me?


It is quite disturbing because my thinking is my best feature. I have some nice features. My one, solid, thick eyebrow was once nominated for “Yard of the Month” honors by the town of Crossville, Alabama. I have a wonderful six pack. Well, actually it is just a five pack now because I drank one earlier, but it is still wonderful. I have gorgeous hair. For some reason it chooses to grow on my ears and in my nose, but it is as full and thick as the best heads of hair in Hollywood.

To go for more than a month without a thought worth sharing on WhatRingoThinks has been strange. Is it a sign of age? Exhaustion? Disease? Quite possibly it is a sign of the times. I don’t have to think anymore. I am told by the national media how I should think, I am told by social media how everyone else thinks and what they think of me, I am told by the man to work and not think, and I am told by my toddler that I am not who I think I am. He thinks I am a character named “Dog”, apparently there is a dog in the story of the Little Red Hen because he calls my wife “Little Red Hen”.

This week marks five years since I got on the bus and headed off to join the Navy. That is definitely something to think about. Maybe that will inspire some thought. I have fifteen months or so left to make the maximum amount of impact on the Navy, the war effort, the Sailors I work with and the organization I work for inside the Department of Defense.


Perhaps that explains my loss of thought. The drastic change coming to my life in the coming months is hard to think about. It is exciting, scary, sad, happy, depressing, inspiring and, most of all, it is rife with uncertainty. It is often easier just to skip the thinking process and push on. Something is out there at the end of this Navy ride. I have no idea what.

That, folks, is something to think about.




4 thoughts on “Thinker’s Block”

  1. Dave, I thoroughly enjoy your Blog! You were so witty& fun when we were in High School! I always knew you would have a good life., because of your intelligence & persistence. You were one of my Favorite people! You spoke your mind, and were firm in your convictions. The very Best thing was the first Class reunion! When you proceeded to tell everyone to kiss your Ass! I do not remember the entire speech, but it was Epic!! I also thought you should know, I tell my Children about that. It was true & brave. I tell them never to compromise who they are, just because intolerant or ignorant people think they should be a certain way. To be true to themselves., never underestimate the power of being an individual & not a Sheep. I just wanted you to know you never know who or what will make a impact in your life. Best wishes to you& your Beautiful Family. Jennifer Bowden Bonner

    1. Thanks for the kind words. That class reunion… Lol! Glad it had a positive message for ya! Hope you get a chance to stop by my blog again sometime. Thanks for reading!

  2. Cothran, you can also blame me leaving the team ;(
    But without me leaving, you wouldn’t had the chase to be so busy to write everything 😀
    keep busy, keep thinking!
    Miss you!

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