Ringo Goes Pro?

Actually, I’ve been getting paid for photography for more than five years now, and I guess that makes me a professional, but among my Navy photographer peers, I am like a minnow among sharks.

Perhaps that is why I have always been nervous about my prospects to actually get paid for photography outside the military.

Thanks to social media and digital technology, just about anyone with a pulse can be a photographer these days, and competition is everywhere… often at the cost of quality, as most images I see on social media are total garbage. I call them “pictures”, not “photographs”.

There are, however, many quality images being shared online, and now it’s easier than ever for artists to market and maybe sell their images via social media outlets.

And so it is… Ringo has decided to dabble in the world of semi-professional photography. I am offering a selected group of some of my favorite shots at a social-media driven website called Pixels. They are an offshoot of Fine Art America, which has been selling art online successfully for quite a while.

Below you will find a few links to art I am featuring in specific galleries, along with a link to my overall profile. These images are for sale in several printed/framed varieties, as well as for use on greeting cards or cell phone covers. Additionally, my images can be licensed for commercial use. All details can be found on the site.

If photography is a hobby for you, I encourage you to look into using Pixels to share your art with the world. Even if you don’t sell anything, Pixels is a nice social community for artists to learn from each other and enhance their craft.

My page: Click Here

Galleries I sponsor and have work in:


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