Thinking Thankfulness

(I realize this is a blog about my wife, but keep in mind it could apply to husbands, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, or whatever other kind of relationship you have. As you read it, find ways to INCLUDE your relationship in the conversation, not EXCLUDE it due to the personal pronouns used. )

Does your wife feel free to sing aloud to the radio while in the car with you despite her tremendous fear of other people hearing her sing? Mine does. I am thankful for this.

Does your wife smile at your weak jokes (no matter how corny), giggle at your good jokes, and snort like she is out of control at your best jokes? Mine does. I am thankful for this.

Does your wife ignite a passion in you that you can’t explain when she does no more than smile at you and touch your cheek? Mine does. I am thankful for this.

Does she smile and drive for hours on a Sunday while you sit in the passenger seat drinking bourbon and telling bad jokes? Mine does. I am thankful for this.

Does she exhibit parenting skills that put you in absolute awe? Does she carry on a conversation with a child that is both on the child’s level and also offers guidance an adult could understand? Mine does. I am thankful for this.

When she makes love to you, does it always feel like it is the first time you have ever experienced something of the sort? Yes, I am also thankful for this.

Is she willing to drive you around all over the countryside while you sip bourbon and listen to music you know she hates? Does she smile at you while you sing along? Thankful. Oh, so thankful.

Is she patient and kind with you, no matter what sort of career, life or personal decisions you make? Mine is. Six years after I joined the Navy on a whim, I am still thankful for this every single day.

Does she show extreme gratitude for even the smallest thing, without ever asking for gratitude for anything? I feel guilty and thankful.

Does she treat you like a king when you need the boost, yet know when to treat you as a squire? Yes ma’am, I am thankful.

Do you find yourself becoming better at being a partner every day, but never notice the coaching? I hope so, and I am thankful for that hope.

Can you watch her be a mother, a friend, and a lover and see each one in her actions without ever seeing her struggle with the transition between the three? I can’t think of a way to show my gratitude for this.

Does she ever ask for gratitude for being awesome? Mine does not. Does she change because she receives no gratitude? Mine does not. I am thankful beyond comprehension for this.

Does she try to help you overcome your mistakes and shortcomings without ever making you feel inadequate for them? Perhaps this is the thing I am most thankful for.

I am human and I am weak. I am often humorless and abrasive. Some would say that I can be harsh and that I lack tact. In spite of these things I know to be true, she smiles at me when I want to frown at the world. For this too, I am truly thankful.

If your relationship offers such abundant treasure, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity or age, be thankful. It is not normal to have such a thing. It is precious, and for that I am thankful.


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